About Us
About Us

Since its founding in 1990, the Jiangsu YuanFang Cable Factory Co.,Ltd. has doubled its main target of production scale, sales and tax and profit in successive years, and its products have been sold in more than 20 provinces,municipalities and regions all over the country. The company registered trademarks "Yuan Fang" brands have obtained the State 3C authentication and its power cable has got the Production License issued by the State Quality & Technique Appraisal & Supervisory Bureau and been listed in the Recommended Products for Electrified Wire Netting Transformation by the State Economic & Trade Commission National torch plan project certificate. Our company owns the PRC Enterprise Qualification Certificate for Import and Export; our products have been evaluated the"China well-known trademark","National key high-tech enterprise","Yixing City business model patent","Jiangsu famous brand","Jiangsu famous brand", "Quality Trustfuc Products of Jiangsu Province", "Quality Trustable Unit of Zhejiang Province", "Trustable Products of Hefei", "Name Brand Products of Wuxi City"and the ~Jiangsu famous brand goods", "Unit of Stressing on Contracts & Keeping Promises" named by the Wuxi Municipal People's Government;the "Specially Invited Member Unit of Council" named by the Wuxi Quality & Technique Supervisory Bureau. The enterprise has accorded with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 Quality System in all round way so as to control its production. It also has passed the ISO9001:2000 International Quality System authentication and obtained quality confirmation and production license of some relative departments of the state and obtained the "Provincial Fire-Fighting Product Filing Certificate". Especially, its physical foaming coaxial cable has won the Network Entry Certificate issued by the Broadcasting & TV General Bureau and the provincial hall separately. Correspond Cable have obtained "MLL" of enter net authentication of document Certificate Awm "UL" certificate Combine in have Several Item Potent Certificate,High new Technique Products certificate, High new technique business enterprise certificate of province of Jiangsu,Name Brand in market generally JiangSu and Certificate and Consumer Committee recommend products of WuXi City copper medalest Charitable star enterprise.

Our company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, of which, over 60,000 square meters are factory buildings. Register fund 120.8 million yuan, powerful technical strength and advanced equipment for production and test. The main products are as follows: cloth-sheathed wire, vehicleUsed wire, for mining purposes give out light cables, ship uses the electric cable, physical foaming coaxial Cable, radio frequency cable, screened cable,control cable, fire-retarding cable,computer-used cable, Digital and data communication cable, cables exceeding category V and VI,power cable,cross-linked Cable,aerial insulating cable,aluminum cross, steel-cored aluminum cross, pre-branching cable, gather to tie the electric cable and special cable and PVC cable material etc.

Our company has reached 35 Hundred million dollars of annual production capacity. We always adhere to the principle of "manufacturing what the others can't offer and owning more advanced products", and we focus on product development, satisfying customers' expectations and paying attention to social benefits. Following the principle of "making small profits but quick turnover", we'd like to offer low price and high quality products with flexible business operation and excellent service so as to meet the demands of users and the society.

Our company is located at the picturesque bank of the Lake Tai---a pottery capital, Yixing where is accessible from all directions and economically developed. We whole personnel will warmly welcome friends from afar to visit our company and give us instructions; we wish a long-term cooperation and friendship everlasting!

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