Shielded cable
Shielded cable

Insulating radio frequency cable of polyethylene

 Insulating radio frequency cable of polyethylene
Model and Specs (zoom in)
 Rated voltage 450/750v, PVC insulating cable Model and Specs (zoom in)
Model and Specs (zoom in)
Appendix: Cable Properties
1. The cable is characterized by anti-acid and anti-alkali, anti-oil, and anti-aging, etc; Shielded type is anti-interference.
2. Low smoke and low halogen wire and cable has low fuming amount, releasing little hydrogen chloride, so on fire, it cause little corrosion, danger and damage to equipment, people and environment.
3. Cross-linked polyethylene insulating cable has large current capacity; and it is light and handy in structure. It is not restricted by drop. Cable short time over loading working temperature should not exceed 130℃; Total short circuit temperature not exceed 250℃; Lasting for no more than five seconds.
4. fire-resistant cable can work for over 90 minutes under 750℃-900℃; the fireproof properties test accords with GB12666.6 standards.
Cable Properties Index
Low smoke and low halogen Properties Index:
1. hydrogen chloride gas release amount ≤125mg/g
2. smoke density ≤300
3. Fire-Resistant Properties and burning test Grade B Qualification
Cross-linked polyethylene Properties Index:
1. Environmental stress cracking ≥500hr
2. medium tangent angle ≤0.003
3. degree of cross linking ≥75%
Fire-resistant cable Properties Index:
1. It can work for over 90 minutes under 750℃-900℃;
2. Burning Test Grade B Qualification
Shielded cable Properties Index:
1. Little medium consumption, anti-interference, strong transmission signal
2. Heat resistant, radiation resistant, antiseptic, waterproof and airtight.

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