Strip branch cable
Strip branch cable

Strip branch cable

 Yuanfang brand YFD branch's cable

  Yuanfang brand YFD branch's cable is rational because of the structure, technology advanced person, measuring strictly, Product quality is in the leading level of the same trade, but apply to distribution systems, such as house, high-story office building, tunnel, hotel, hospital, market, etc. extensively, Can apply to the main pole thread and have illuminations system that branch thread requires too( the highway, bridge, tunnel and airfield runway).

Yuanfang brand YFD branch's cable main characteristic:

1、Insulating resistance ≥ 200M Ω.
2、Able to bear pressing ≥ 3.5KV/5min insulatingly.
3、Cable allow working temperature 70 ℃hand in and unite make up can be up to 90 ℃for a long time.
4、Fire- retardant branch cable, sheath putting out ≤ 12S of time; Accord with GB1266.5 request.
5、The fire-resistant type can keep the normal running of 90min in the fire takes place cases too besides canning supply power under the condition of work normally ; Accord with GB1266.6 request.

Third, there are many variety specifications , it is flexible to select for use, wanton association:
1、The main cable is from 10m㎡ to 240m㎡, the branch cable is selected for use from 10 m㎡ to 95m㎡ wanton association .
2、The cable is wide in variety, there is VV ZR-VV NH-VV YJV ZR-YJV NH-YJV that can be selected for use according to the need to wait for.

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