Several pairs shielded signal cable for electronic computers
Several pairs shielded signal cable for electronic computers

Computer Cable

  Suitable for and exchange specified voltage for 300/500v and following generally or special environmental terms have high computer monitoring system that require relatively to anti- interference performance, Collecting the scattered control system( dcs), automatic instrument device and signal which measures the letter instrument are transmitted.

Production specification

  Line core is marked and calls applying the face: 0.5 \ 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5m㎡ logarithm: 1-24 pairs

The type name of the products, working temperature for a long time

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Seven: Sketch of product structure  
To rejecting with always rejecting type Always the rejecting type
1、Entangle correctly( the group) 2、Isolate layer 3、Shielding
4、Isolate layer 5、Pack 6、Shielding 7、Isolate layer and other sheath

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