Since its founding in 1990, the Jiangsu YuanFang Cable Factory Co.,Ltd. has doubled its main target of production scale, sales and tax and profit in successive years, and its products have been sold in more than 20 provinces,municipalities and regions all over the country. The company registered trademarks "Yuan Fang" brands have obtained the State 3C authentication and its power cable has got the Production License issued by the State Quality &Technique Appraisal & Supervisory Bureau and been listed in the Recommended Products for Electrified Wire Netting Transformation by the State Economic & Trade Commission National torch plan project certificate. Our company owns the PRC Enterprise Qualification Certificate for Import and Export; our products have been evaluated the"China well-known trademark","National key high-tech enterprise","Yixing City business model patent","Jiangsu famous brand","Jiangsu famous brand", "Quality Trustfuc Products of Jiangsu Province", "Quality Trustable Unit of Zhejiang Province" ……
Shielded cableBranch cable
Control cablePower cable
Computer CableMarine Cable
Cross-linking cable
Radio-frequency cable
Physical Foaming Coaxial Cable
Rubber Casing Cable
Communication Cable
Super five-kinds cable
Common Cable& Special Cable
PVC Cable bridge frame
Wire & cable-used PVC insulation plastic and plastic for protective layer
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